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BibleMax module featuring Word English Bible, a modernized version of the Bible
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Many of the classic English versions of the Bible, such as King James', Webster's or American Standard may seem too tedious for modern readers due to their use of an outdated and archaic language. Thus, a more modern version is needed to attract today's readers. The Word English Bible (also known as WEB) is one of such versions. It is based on the 1901 edition of the American Standard Version, in the Greek Majority Text, and in the Hebrew Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. This version uses a modern-style English and thus is more readable and comprehensible for today's readers. Also, it is copyright-free, which means that one can copy and distribute it as much as one wants.

BibleMaximum has issued this version of the Bible as a module for its BibleMax software. As with other Biblical modules for this program, the WEB module interacts fully with other pre-installed modules, such as commentaries and references, as well as maps and charts.
You can get this version of the Scriptures, along with many other Bible versions, commentaries, devotionals and other texts by ordering the free CD and paying only the duplication, printing, postage and handling costs.

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  • More readable and understandable


  • It only works with BibleMax software
  • Can be obtained only by ordering the free CD
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